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   Abstracting and indexing
Call for papers
   Statement of ethics
   Submission guidelines
   Peer-review process
   Volume 1, Issue 1 (2009)
      Table of contents
      The cost of transition
      To be or to become 'European'
      Scandinavian perspectives
      The concept of tributalism
      Relations between Transylvanian Saxons
      Danish perceptions
      The Romanian Finnish Cultural
      The British Policy towards Soviet Western Border
   Volume 2, Issue 1 (2010)
      Table of contents
      Wan light of Lithuania in Bucharest
      The political and diplomatic
      Nicolae Titulescu's new eastern
      Development characteristics
      Henri H. Stahl
      The Polish-Lithuanian crisis
      The status and the future
      The Second Corps of Romanian
      Romania si Europa
      Address by the Foreign Minister of Lithuania
   Volume 2, Issue 2 (2010)
      Table of contents
      Sweden and the Jacobite movement
      Aspects of the Eastern Question
      Portrait of a necessary Ponto-Baltic alliance
      Forging a Socialist Homeland from Multiple Worlds: North American Finns in Soviet Karelia
      Leisure in Stalin's Estonia
      From "allies without alliance" to concerted action
      War, diplomacy and media: the British-Soviet Treaty of May 26, 1942 in Swedish press
      Lithuanian public opinion and the EU membership
      The Awarding of Doctor Honoris Causa to H.S. Dr. Vladimir Jarmolenko
   Volume 3, Issue 1 (2011)
      Table of contents 3 (1) 2011
      Editorial Forward 3 (1) 2011
      Wallachian settlers in the Baltic Sea region
      British reactions to Charles XII's Stay
      Data pertaining to the outbreak of the Lithuanian
      Relations between Transylvania and the Nordic countries
      Rumors and threats against Jews in Lithuania
      Prospects for an alliance with Sweden
      The Nansen Commission and the Romanian prisoners of war
      Pre-World War II Romania from Latvian Perspective
      90 years from the establishment of diplomatic relations between Finland and Romania
   Volume 3, Issue 2 (2011)
      Table of contents Vol. 3, Issue 2 (2011)
      Editorial forward, volume 3, issue 2 (2011)
      Regional higher education co-operation
      Finnish views on the nations in Eastern Central Europe
      The Romanian-Polish relations during the interwar period
      The Little Entente and Romania from the perspective of Lithuanian
      The Nobel Peace Prize from a Romanian perspective
      The history of diplomatic relations between Romania and Norway
      Istoria Finlandei
      20 years from the re-establishment of diplomatic relations between Lithuania and Romania
      Books and journals received
   Volume 4, Issue 1 (2012)
      Table of contents
      Editorial Foreword
      Alteration of the ethnic diversity
      An attempt to appoint a Swedish
      From the Fringe of the North
      Romanians and the Nobel Prizes for Science
      Norwegian Film Days in Iasi
   Volume 4, Issue 2 (2012)
      Table of contents
      Reinventing the Baltic Sea Region
      The Baltic and the birth of a modern English maritime community
      Economic challenges in Early Modern Ages and different responses of European margins
      Illegal education of Polish children in Independent Lithuania
      Multiculturalism versus Nationalism and the role of ethnic minorities in the public life of Lithuania
      Beggars, scammers, discriminated against by the whole of Europe: Romania’s Roma in Finnish tabloids, 2008-2011
      Mafia links between the Balkans and Scandinavia
      What the membership has taught? National identity construction in Lithuanian public discourse after accession to the European Union
      Construction of Resistance Discourse in Latvian Post-Soviet Literature about Deportations and Imprisonments
      The common denominator. Romania and the Nordic countries, 1966-1969
      Third Conference on Baltic and Nordic Studies in Romania, May 2012
   Volume 5, Issue 1 (2013)
      Table of contents
      A Southeastern other with diverse challenges
      Jewish faction at the Third Seimas of Lithuania
      European Regional Integration in the Drafting of the Eastern Pact in 1934–1935
      Finland rapprochment to Germany
      Young people from Bosnia
      International reactions to the Russian supression
   Volume 5, Issue 2 (2013)
      Table of Contents
      Baltic Sea regional integration water protection
      A typical example of mental region-building
      The socio-economic history of Lithuania
      Changes in the Vilnius
      Some linguistic remarks regarding Romanian
      Diplomacy as a lifestyle Nordic and Russian
      The influence of European Union outer policy
      Address at the Fourth International Conference on Baltic and Nordic studies of Ambassador of Finland
      Address at the Fourth International Conference on Baltic and Nordic studies of Ambassador of Lithuania
   Volume 6, Issue 1 (2014)
      Table of contents
      The sea as site of memory
      Intermarium the Baltic
      Maintaining linguistic diversity through multilingual education
      Dialects in Norway
      Linguistic diversity in The Thief
      An overview of the Scandinavian poetry translated in Romanian culture
      The reception of Knut Hamsun in Romania
      Cultural accommodation in learning and teaching the Norwegian language
      Towards an international university
      The voice
      A life dedicated to Romanian language. Interview with professor Arne Halvorsen
   Volume 6, Issue 2 (2014)
      Table of contents
      War and Peace in Eastern Europe
      Post-War Friendship Between Neighbors
      Knut Hamsun between cultural Germany and political Germany
      Sunne Goran Tunström
      Peace through cultural interaction
      Literary and cultural exchange
      Pre-Christian Scandinavian royalty
      Peace or conflict
      About PanScandinavianism
      Romanian diplomats in the Scandinavian countries
      Finnish efforts to promote cultural relations with Romania
      When the West is far away
      How did 22 7 shape the political rhetoric
      Danish Straits versus Turkish Straits
      Leonidas Donskis
      Multinationals, Subsidiaries and National Business
   Volume 7, Issue 1 (2015)
      Table of Contents
      Editorial foreword
      Syllabi of disciplines
      Identity and Memory in Eastern and Central Europe
      Images of 19th century Sweden and Norway in the works Gösta Berling's saga by Selma Lagerlöf
      Clashing cultural nationalisms the 19th-century Danish-German intellectual debate, the Schleswig wars
      The problem of the application of the term second serfdom in the history of Central Eastern Europe
      Steinar Lone and the magic of translation
   Volume 7, Issue 2 (2015)
      Table of contents
      The Varangian guard and its contribution to the manifestation of the imperial power in Byzantium
      Instances of kingship in Sverris saga
      The entry of the boyars
      Approaching the past: a tangled interplay of memory, political choices and historical science
      My file
      Between truth and memory images in Lithuanian historical documentaries in post-communist transformation period
      Questions of transnational cinema: the Baltic case from culture to branding
      World War II in Baltic and Nordic social media
      Reading the facades. Architexture of Kaliningrad city
      The Baltic Sea and the Black Sea: security challenges and vulnerabilities after the Cold War
      Representations of suppressed indigenous cultural memories
      Women in the Latvian War of Independence 1918 - 1920
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Seventh annual international conference on Baltic and Nordic Studies in Romania. Good governance in Romania and the Nordic and Baltic countries

Nicolae Iorga Institute of History of the Romanian Academy, Romania
November 24-25, 2016

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