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Revista Romana de Studii Baltice si Nordice

Volume 3, Issue No. 2 (2011)



ISSN online: 2067-225X

  • Table of contents

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  • Editorial Foreword, pp.  197-198

Silviu Miloiu, President of the Romanian Association for Baltic and Nordic Studies

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  • Regional higher education co-operation: a research proposal to compare the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea regions, pp. 199-224

Stefan Ewert, Greifswald University

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  • "Never satisfactory, according to the Finnish standards”. From optimism and interest to disappointment and disillusion: Finnish views on the nations in Eastern Central Europe between the word wars, pp. 225-246

Vesa Vares, University of Turku

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  • Un singur popor cu doua drapele. The Romanian-Polish relations during the interwar period, pp. 247-264

Dimitris Michalopoulos, Historical Institute for Studies on Eleutherios Veniselos and his Era

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  • The Little Entente and Romania from the perspective of Lithuanian diplomacy in the 1930s, pp. 265-274.

Dalia Bukeleviciute, Vilnius University

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  • The Nobel Peace Prize from a Romanian perspective - the interwar period, pp. 275-298

Vasilica Sīrbu, University of Oslo

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  • The history of diplomatic relations between Romania and Norway during the interwar period, pp. 299-328

Ana-Maria Despa, Valahia University of Targoviste

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  • Elena Dragomir and Silviu Miloiu, Istoria Finlandei, pp. 329-330.

Costel Coroban, Ovidius University of Constanta

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  • 20 years from the re-establishment of diplomatic relations between Lithuania and Romania, pp. 331-336.

Vladimir Jarmolenko, Silviu Miloiu

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Books and articles received, p. 337

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Call for papers

Seventh annual international conference on Baltic and Nordic Studies in Romania. Good governance in Romania and the Nordic and Baltic countries

Nicolae Iorga Institute of History of the Romanian Academy, Romania
November 24-25, 2016

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