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Revista Romana de Studii Baltice si Nordice/The Romanian Journal for Baltic and Nordic Studies

Volume 6, Issue No. 1 (2014)


ISSN online: 2067-225X

Supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway
Finantat prin fonduri donate de Islanda, Liechtenstein şi Norvegia

  • Table of contents

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  • Editorial Foreword, pp. 5-6

Crina Leon, Head of The Section for Nordic Studies of the Romanian Association for Baltic and Nordic Studies

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CoolPeace, Syllabi of disciplines, pp. 7-63

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Michael North

The Sea as Site of Memory: The Danish Sound and the Dardanelles in Comparison 65

[Full text in pdf]


Marta Grzechnik

Intermarium: the Baltic and the Black seas on the Polish mental maps in the interwar period 81

[Full text in pdf]


Adél Furu

Maintaining linguistic diversity through multilingual education 97

[Full text in pdf]


Crina Leon

Dialects in Norway – between tolerance and standardization 107

[Full text in pdf]


Roxana-Ema Dreve

Linguistic diversity in The Thief, by Göran Tunström 123

[Full text in pdf]


Raluca-Daniela Rădu?

An overview of the Scandinavian poetry translated in Romanian culture 135

[Full text in pdf]


Diana Lăţug

The reception of Knut Hamsun in Romania in the period 1919-1926 147

[Full text in pdf]


Raluca Petru?, Sanda Tomescu-Baciu

Cultural accommodation in learning and teaching the Norwegian language in Cluj-Napoca 159

[Full text in pdf]


Ildikó P. Varga

Towards an international university. A professorship at The Franz Joseph University (Cluj-Napoca) in 1901 175

[Full text in pdf]


Enikő Molnár Bodrogi

The voice of a “tongueless” periphery 191

[Full text in pdf]


Crina Leon

A life dedicated to Romanian language. Interview with professor Arne Halvorsen 207

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Call for Papers 212


News / Actualitati

Call for papers

Seventh annual international conference on Baltic and Nordic Studies in Romania. Good governance in Romania and the Nordic and Baltic countries

Nicolae Iorga Institute of History of the Romanian Academy, Romania
November 24-25, 2016

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